new kitchen

Recent and Future Improvements to the Hall

2015 was the Hall's 50th anniversary year. To celebrate this milestone the Trustees embarked on an ambitions plan to improve the facilities in this important village asset. Work started in 2013 and further improvements are ongoing.


In 2013 phase 1 of the improvements saw the development of a new kitchen area with a full range of modern professional catering equipment.

In addition the toilet facilities were substantially improved and modified to ensure compliance with disability access regulations.


There was a full programme of work in 2014. The stage was improved with a new audio/PA system, which is available for general hall users, and allows the use of a stage or 'roving' radio microphone plus a feed for computer, CD, iPod, or similar sound source to be fed into the new system. Stage lighting has also been improved for B.A.T.S. productions and also with basic fixed spotlights which can be used by hirers.

The storage space has been reorganized with better use being made of the space under the stage and a much more attractive stage front.

2014 also saw the start of a major overhaul of the electrical supply and wiring in the hall to bring it up to modern industry standards. As part of that process the pelmet lights in the hall were replaced with modern low energy fittings which provide improved lighting.

The new storage arrangements have allowed us to remove the old huts from the car park, improving appearance and increasing parking space. A new fence has been erected along the boundary with the access road to the Betley Sewage treatment plant. We are grateful to United Utilities for this much needed safety fence.


To compliment the improvements to the stage, kitchen and toilets work has continued during 2015 to improve the comfort, appearance and useability of the main hall and foyer.

The improvements to the lighting system have now been completed with modern dimmable energy-saving lights in the foyer and bar area. To provide softer mood lighting in the main hall the wall lights have been replaced with modern dimmable fittings. Various other minor electrical improvements and alterations have been made to improve switches and sockets and tidy the appearance of the hall.

New notice boards provided in the foyer and the complete interior of the hall and foyer have been redecorated.

Outside, the front parking area has been repaired and partially resurfaced.


New main doors were installed to make access easier for users and improve safety.

The bar kitchen has been fully refurbished with new units and a bottle chiller cabinet. No more warm beer and wine at functions!

The kitchen servery and the meeting room were redecorated and refurbished with low energy flexible ambient lighting and new curtains in the meeting room.

New flooring and protective wall panels were installed in the chair store and major improvements were made to the surface of the main car park.

New fencing was erected for the tennis court


A new CCTV system was installed, giving views all around the perimeter of the hall and internally to view the bar sales area - as required by council licencing for any alcohol sales activity.


The double doors which opened directly from the main hall into the meeting room have been removed and bricked up, this has significantly improved the acoustic isolation in the meeting room.

The stage lighting has been updated with wiring improvements and the introduction of all LED theatre lighting.


The new children's playground was opened in May of 2019.


The year of COVID restrictions meant numerous small works designed to make it COVID safe for those functions and activities which were allowed to happen.

While the hall was closed work was done to replace the external lighting around the building and car park. The new low consumption LED lighting is movement triggered and automatic so it cannot be accidently be left on.

A shutter has been installed to close off the kitchen serving counter when not in use and various doors fitted with self closing units that hold-open when needed.


In order to finance the work described significant grant funding has been received. Grant providers have included the Lottery Funding Grants for all, Staffordshire Environmental Fund, Betley Bonfire , Betley Trust, Bernard Sunley Fund, Betley, Balterley and Wrinehill PC, United Utilities, Newcastle Borough Council Community Fund and Staffordshire County Council, BATs, Betley Tennis Club and the Cooperative Environment Fund. We would like to thank all those bodies and thank also all the individuals who have given their time and hard work to keep the hall such a great local facility.