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Contacts and Other Information

Betley and District Village Hall is a registered charity, No 510948, operating under a trust deed dated 3rd April 1964 with the aim of providing a village hall facility suitable for the education and entertainment of the inhabitants of Betley and the neighbourhood.

The Hall accounts may be viewed on the Charity Commission website.

The Hall environmental policy can be viewed here.

The Hall Data Privacy policy can be viewed here.

The trustees form the management committee for the hall.
Chair               Richard Head           Tel: 07801 813831     Email: chair@betleyvillagehall.org.uk  

Treasurer           Lee Spragg             Tel: 01270 820477     Email: treasurer@betleyvillagehall.org.uk  

Minutes secretary and weekday bookings
                    Judy Bettley-Smith     Tel: 07794 335354     Email: minutes@betleyvillagehall.org.uk

Event booking & enquiries 
                    Simon King             Tel: 07367 787545     Email: enquiries@betleyvillagehall.org.uk 

Facilities Manager  Moira Johnston         Tel: 07751 206275     Email: facilities@betleyvillagehall.org.uk

Other trustees and management committee members
Jemima Jones        Chris Hawksley        Charlotte Daly        

Tricia Gee          Chris Woods           Tony Turner

Bernard Swift       Evelyn Bishop         Kevin Locke

Pete Ainsworth      Rebecca Fletcher      Diana Woods                              

All work carried out by the trustees is voluntary. We are always looking out for people who want to take part, please get in touch!