Village Hall Parking

picture of car park

The hall has a large gravel parking area at the south end of the hall large enough for approximately 50 cars, more if parking is organised, and there is additional space for a small number of cars on the tarmac near the main doors.

The car park is freely available for users of the hall and other site facilities like the tennis courts, bowling green and playground.

The car park however is not a public car park, it is private ground belonging to the hall. There are occasions when the entire car park is needed for large functions or for caravan club rallies, or when maintenance is being carried out, so we do ask that people do not park there unless using the hall or facilities.

We will normally try and be helpful and we allow groups, such as walking clubs who need an assembly and parking area when walking locally, to use it, The mobile library van uses it as a regular stop on its rounds, but this must be by prior arrangement to ensure there being no conflicting hall activities. Please contact the booking clerk.

Caravan club ralies are held at various times and approximately 25 vans with tow cars can be accommodated in the large car park at the recommended Caravan Club spacing, in dry weather it may be possible to have a few additional vans in the grassed picnic area.

picture of car park with caravans picture of car park from south end