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Betley Amateur Theatrical Society,(known as B.A.T.S.) has performed in Betley Village Hall for 49 years! We are a thriving group which ranges in age from 8 years old to 70+. Generally we produce two productions each year, one of which includes children. Over the last few years the rear stage curtains, sound system and, more recently, a completely new stage lighting system have been installed, thanks to the financial support of grants from local sources and investing our own savings. We appreciate enormously all the support we have received, and are especially grateful to Betley Village Hall trustees.

The money invested in our Society paid off when we had record attendances at our May 2018 production of “Oliver”, which was the first musical we have performed. In November 2018, to commemorate the centenary of the end of The Great War later referred to as World War One, B.A.T.S. produced a three act drama entitled “Entrenched” written by Samantha Lierens, based on the true story of two brave young women who volunteered to drive ambulances and nurse wounded soldiers in Belgium throughout that dreadful war. It was a very moving and emotional play which received great accolades from the audiences. In the past we have concentrated mainly on comedy plays and pantomimes but we have proved to ourselves that we can rise to the challenge of portraying more serious performances.

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We have recruited several new members recently who have joined our existing members and are currently rehearsing for BATS next production.

Follow us on our Facebook page at BetleyAmateurTheatricalSociety/.

For more information you can email betleyamateurtheatricalsociety@gmail.com or phone Moira on 07751 206275.

Updated February 2019.